Our Why is advancing humanity through co-creating conscious work cultures.

What does that mean?

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In our experience working with over 70 organizations, we’ve learned that there are three vital dimensions in any high performing sustainable culture.


Driving consistent results & alignment through clear authority, accountability & autonomy

We all want to be part of a winning team. At 1-DEGREE/Shift, we believe there are three A’s that help drive performance. First, there’s Authority which is about clear decentralized decision-making as close to the customer as possible so that we can be adaptable. Then there’s shared Accountability - taking responsibility, even if it’s tough. The third A is Autonomy - an intrinsic human motivator, that we need to have flexibility in how we work.


Nurturing holistic health and wellness

Well-being is the oxygen and fuel for organizational cultures. Navigating changing work environments and personal life is challenging, and if we aren’t careful it can lead to chronic stress and high levels of burnout. Organizations, teams and individuals need to prioritize and nurture holistic health and wellness for a thriving work culture.


Fostering a strong sense of belonging and community

As humans, we all have tribal instincts – the tendency and need to form social groups. Unfortunately, this instinct creates divisions and can be an active barrier to inclusion and collaboration. Fostering a strong sense of belonging and inclusion by consciously co-creating communities is vital for any high-performing work culture.

Our Service Offerings

Based on our years of experience supporting transformational change, we learned there is no one-size fits all approach. We get at the root of each client’s situation by taking a strategic & insight-driven approach and may use any one or a combination of the services below to reduce the cultural friction and increase trust.


Strategy Mapping – Clarifying the Path Ahead

How inspiring is your strategy? Do you and your leadership team need to clarify the path ahead?

Assessing & Aligning your Organizational Culture

How do you measure your work culture? How clear are you on the key barriers to change?

Assessing & Inspiring Well-Being in Teams and Organizations

How “hot” is your team running? Is it time to pause and assess, prioritize well-being to help fuel higher levels of engagement?

Co-Creating Inclusive High Performing Cultures of Belonging

Are you finding that your attempts at Diversity, Equity and Inclusion only seem to create more division and not less?

Assessing & Shifting Leadership Culture

Do you find that your extended leadership team is fully aligned or pulling in different directions?

Developing High Performing Executive Teams

Do you have some ingrained leadership habits you would like to change?

Personal Transformation Programs

We believe that we need to help leaders at all levels in the organization better anchor themselves, so they can remain agile in challenging waters.

Inspiring & Practical Interactive Keynotes

Our 1-DEGREE/Shift team offers a variety of high-impact interactive keynotes.

Fractional HR Coaching

How well aligned are your performance systems with your desired culture?

Client Success

We enjoy collaborating with organizations who have an appetite for sustainable change. Here are a few who have been recognized for their exceptional work cultures:

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