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Our Approach

We aim to advance humanity through co-creating conscious work cultures by collaborating with individuals and groups to realize their desired shifts towards healthier workplaces. Our 1-DEGREE/Shift Approach to supporting any shift is simple:

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Introduction To Our Approach


Problem identification: identify the primary problems that you’re trying to solve for. Areas of exploration include: leadership, well-being, and diversity, equity and inclusion. We collaborate with you to hone in on priority problems to focus your desired shift.

Scope: Do you want to focus on the whole organization or an extended leadership team or a line of business or maybe a specific region?


We utilize core assessment tools, but we strongly believe that a survey alone is just not enough–lasting change needs engagement. We encourage both an assessment, and open discussion to unpack themes and narratives that arise from the assessment.


We collaborate with you to align on a culture code or agreement/plan which will serve as the grounding point for the desired shift. We meet you where you are.


We guide the shifting of mindsets,  attitudes and behaviours in order to activate the desired shift(s) – whether it’s a culture code and working through the Culture Map or a leadership development plan. A growth mindset is the foundation for any sustainable personal or organizational change.

As we work through the stages, we are guided by three principles:

  1. Be inclusive. Each voice should be heard, and every experience is valued and important.
  2. Encourage a Growth Mindset. We recognize there will always be challenges within our cultures so we encourage and help you shift mindsets to focus on growth and possibility.
  3. Believe in and listen to the collective wisdom. We do this by tapping into the wisdom of ALL people – often the quieter voices have gems that need to be expressed and heard and we mine for the themes that come from the collective.
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