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Our Culture Code

We believe deeply in the culture we have co-created together and live by every day. We have identified what’s most important to us about how we engage with one another and with our clients, and we have captured those values and behaviours in our 1-DEGREE/Shift Culture Code below.

  • We tune in and check in with compassion for ourselves & each other
  • We prioritize time to pause, reflect & breathe
  • We own & support each other with healthy practices
  • Task orientation at expense of relationships
  • Pushing too hard
  • We start where they are and build on strengths
  • We invest time & energy to coach & mentor each other
  • We regularly reflect on and draw out learnings
  • We’re proactive with stepping out of our comfort zones
  • Sticking to what has always worked, being complacent
  • Being too busy/siloed
  • We chart our own course – follow our hearts while being curious about impact
  • We opt-in to our roles & responsibilities and then own our commitments
  • We create space and invite people to engage in conversation
  • Blaming/shaming others for not doing enough
  • Mandating or micromanaging
  • We clarify what we need & share it so we’re all clear about expectations
  • We replace judgement with curiosity – we care personally and challenge directly
  • We practice generative listening
  • We’re transparent in our motivations, intentions and conflicts
  • Harboring resentment
  • Shutting down uncomfortable conversation
  • We create clarity on outcomes, who’s doing what and decision-making
  • We generously contribute our shared knowledge & experiences so 1+1=3
  • We lean in and integrate diverse perspectives
  • Steamrolling others or making unilateral decisions
  • Winning at the expense of others
  • We meet obstacles, opportunities & options with fresh eyes & intuition
  • We hold it all lightly and create space to be inspired
  • We proactively design experiences & then adapt to the needs in the moment
  • Jumping to action too quickly
  • Rigidly sticking to an agenda
What exactly is a Culture Code?

It is an agreed upon “code of conduct”, made up of core values that represent what is most vital to an organization and how it chooses to operate. This culture code serves as a catalyst for our culture to flourish. A culture code leverages core strengths, and also captures some aspirational ingredients. The values and supporting behaviours you see below were intentionally and consciously co-created by 1-DEGREE/Shift team members to set the tone and expectations for how we act.

  • Well-Being: Take care of the whole
  • Continuous Learning: Always getting better
  • Freedom with Responsibility: invite commitment & accountability
  • Open Communication: Dare to care
  • Collaboration: Leverage the collective wisdom
  • Creativity: See, sense & realize new possibilities

This is an example of our culture code – one of the key ways how we support our clients to align on a culture they want to see thrive within their organizations. Do you have questions about Culture Codes and the process we take to co-create them?