Have you ever wondered why most skill-based training programs don’t drive measurable changes in behaviour? At 1-DEGREE/Shift we have created programs designed to focus on the deep inner-work necessary to bring about sustainable, transformational shifts. Prioritizing the core operating system of people has a profound impact on how they show up to work. We offer:


Do you find that you or your team are experiencing burnout? Or that stress brings out the worst in people? Vitality Squad is a 90-day sprint for a community of 8-12 high performing and high potential leaders committed to prioritizing their well-being. The key outcomes of this program:

  • A personalized 90-day Vitality Map to crystallize their well-being commitments

  • A deeper understanding of the state of personal well-being and helpful practices

  • 1-on-1 coaching and group sessions designed to support their well-being intentions


We believe that we need to help leaders at all levels in the organization better anchor themselves, so they can remain agile in challenging waters. Morpheus 2.0 is a 6-month leadership development program designed for internal cohorts of 10-12 senior or emerging leaders who are committed to reassessing their current effectiveness by uncovering and evolving their biases, beliefs and mindsets. The key outcomes of this program:

  • Prioritize inner alignment & clarity by honing intuition and actioning personal values

  • Upgrade old performative defaults so they are more effective, creative and collaborative

  • Be more courageous, vulnerable and real with themselves and others by recognizing where ego gets in the way