Our Service Offerings

Based on our years of experience supporting transformational change, we learned there is no one-size fits all approach. We get at the root of each client’s situation by taking a strategic & insight-driven approach and may use any one or a combination of the services below to reduce the cultural friction and increase trust.

Culture Measurement & Alignment – Align on How to Evolve your Culture

Our team uses recognized, world-class tools to measure organizational culture and allows us to identify areas of strength and opportunity in your organization.

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Typically, this process involves:

  • Collaborating with you to determine the scope and focus of the culture development need
  • Utilizing recognized assessment tools
  • Engaging select members of the target group to unpack the results
  • And finally, co-creating a Culture Code  and/or a Culture Map to distinctly clarify high impact priorities.

Well-being Diagnostic & Action Plan  – Create A More Vital Culture

We believe that mindsets need to shift to prioritize being well at work where individuals and teams can thrive.

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Leveraging our proven Culture Development process, this strategic program includes working with you to identify the scope and focus of your well-being strategy, using a world-recognized tool to assess the current well-being conditions, engaging a team of members from your target group to dig deep into the results, and finally co-creating a Well-being Map to crystalize your high impact priorities.

“The PERMAH methodology really allowed us to look at the root causes rather than the symptoms and gave us an objective assessment of where we are as an organization and where there are opportunities to do and be better as individuals. ”

Roberta Natale, Chief Operating Officer
Industria Innovations Inc.

Inclusion & Diversity

At 1-DEGREE/Shift, we help organizations unleash performance through inclusion – and fulfill the long-elusive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) objectives along the way.

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Organizations achieve ‘honest diversity’ when they use demographic diversity to inject a broader range of perspectives and experiences into decision-making. These organizations are more innovative, make better decisions and outperform their peers by up to 35%.

We use recognized assessment tools to measure Inclusion & Diversity in your organization, then design a high-impact program around the unique opportunity areas identified.

Strategy Mapping – Clarify Your Path Ahead

Our 1-DEGREE/Shift Strategy Mapping process is ideal for mid-sized organizations who have 300-1,500 people. It is highly collaborative and unique because it is inclusive, creative and practical.

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  • Inclusive – we collaborate with the CEO/President to hone our core Strategy Mapping process and select 8-12 leaders to co-author the Strategy
  • Creative – we encourage both right and left-brained thinking
  • Practical – we aim to land on a “Strategy on 1 page” that includes 3-5 key pathways (and pathway owners), key objectives and short-term tactics to focus on

“…the benefit for us as we were able to identify some gaps in our training and development plan, which we have since closed, and ultimately, has resulted in a more engaged employees that are maybe a little better trained to do some of the things that we’ve asked them to do.”

Ryan Minkhorst
Senior Director of Marketing, People & Culture,
John Brooks Company Limited

Leadership Coaching – Individual Development To Optimize Impact

We collaborate with you to determine which of your leaders can benefit from our approach and what timing makes sense.

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Our approach will include:

  • We always include assessments at the front end of our coaching engagements to get a deeper understanding of each leader’s impact, elevate awareness and inspire commitment to meaningful change
  • A peer cohort will experience the self-development process together so that the process is normalized
  • Combining the assessment with the support of a peer cohort increases accountability towards change, and your ROI is maximized

Leadership Training – Develop Essential Skills For Growth

We first collaborate with you to determine priority development areas, and then deliver high impact leadership training. We focus on the mindsets that need to shift because mindsets and associated beliefs fuel our behaviours. All training is inspiring and plenty of engaging exercises and follow-up to practice and apply key concepts.

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Some of the most popular and high need leadership training areas of focus include:

  • Inspiring Leadership Introduction & Strengths Based Leadership
  • Foundational Leadership skills
  • Coaching – Feedback & Strategic 1 on 1’s
  • Collaborative Decision-making
  • Delegating to Empower

“I recently enjoyed the opportunity to engage in a leadership development program with Tim and the team of 1-Degree/Shift. One of my greatest takeaways from the program is just how important it is to set aside focused, structured time to zero in on the strengths and opportunities we all have as individual leaders.”

Braeden Patchell, Director,
Ontario Acute Care Sales, Medline Canada

Vitality Squads – Invest In The Well-Being Of Leaders Who Are “Running Hot”

At 1-DEGREE/Shift, we believe that well-being fuels higher levels of performance. Our Vitality Squad offering is a 90-day sprint for a community of 8-10 high performing and high potential leaders to craft a Vitality Map and provide a peer experience to help activate it.

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Our Vitality Squad offering includes:

  • Planning – Half-day Vitality Visioning workshop – to craft a 90-day Personal Vitality Vision Map that excites & inspires
  • 1 on 1 coaching – Strategic coaching sessions to flesh out a Personal Vitality Vision Map
  • Team Activation Coaching Calls – 90-minute connects bi-weekly to share well-being progress & challenges and practice mindfulness techniques

Culture Change Champions

One of our proven techniques at 1-DEGREE/Shift, is setting up and guiding teams of Change Leaders. We work with you to create a charter for the team and then activate the charter through the team in the context of a culture shift and/or a dynamic organizational change.

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Our typical process for this includes:

  • Setting up Charter for the group (Culture/Well-being/Inclusion & Belonging)
  • Facilitating a mapping process to crystalize the plan
  • Equipping the team in some change principles and practices
  • Providing team coaching to help guide the change process