your consciousness.

Change starts with you. We work with individuals to unlock potential.

Your awareness of yourself, and your impact on those around you, sets the tone.

Our work with you goes deep, to create lasting, fundamental change. Once you’ve experienced a shift in consciousness, there’s no going back.

You’ll be equipped to move forward and shift your team and your organization.


your team.

We work with teams to shift their collective impact.

Dialogue, feedback, trust, creative tension – these are always at play within team dynamics. Dysfunction across any of these will stifle innovation, impede growth, and hinder performance.

We work with teams to shed light on their interpersonal dynamics and shift their way of being with one another.


your organization.

We tap into the employee experience to shift the workplace culture.

Your organization is a collection of individuals and teams. Their level of trust and connection with one another – regardless of title, role or level – shapes your shared culture.

We look at the organization through this lens, identifying patterns or pockets of behaviour that may be strengthening or undermining the collective.

With an understanding of these patterns, we design organization-wide experiences that shift the collective consciousness, and the collective way of being and working together.

SHIFT your consciousnessSHIFT your teamSHIFT your organization.